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Why kappa sigma?

Kappa Sigma Upsilon-Omicron is the largest fraternity in West Haven, joining our brotherhood instantly grants you access to a ton of diverse connections and opportunities on campus. With over 200,000 living brothers worldwide (the most of any fraternity), you are truly joining a brotherhood like no other. Kappa Sigma's large network of brothers comes critically beneficial when applying for a job, internship, or any social aspect in life. These connections you create will have life-long benefits.

Within our fraternity there are many opportunities to take on a leadership position, with five executive committee positions, and 15 chair positions, you have the chance to make an immediate impact within our fraternity, and looks great on a resume. Our organization is still relatively new, as we where just founded two years ago, meaning you have the unique opportunity help to establish our traditions, programs, and events.

Fraternity men include

  • 85 % of the Fortune 500 CEO’s

  • CEOs of 43 of the 50 largest North American companies

  • 40 of 47 Supreme Court Justices

  • 76 % of all Congressmen and Senators

  • All but 3 U.S. presidents since 1825

What do we offer?

Brothers in action

Brothers only events, to encourage bonding among brothers.


Socials with different organizations and clubs including other schools. Invite only socials with guests/dates.


Once a semester we hold either a formal or a semi-formal at 5 star venues.


Our official philanthropy is The Military Heroes Campaign, which focuses service and donations for soldiers disabled or killed in the line of duty.


We regularly participate in sporting events such as volleyball, softball, Kappa Sigma Olympics, football and more.

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Hear it from our alumni

Drew Tchertchian.jpg

Drew Tchertchian

What separates Kappa Sigma from other fraternities is the fact that we are brand new. This allows us to create our own traditions. Other fraternities have everything laid out for them, while Kappa Sigma West Haven offers  students an opportunity to lay a foundation that will be followed for years to come.

Pat O'Toole.jpg


I would say it’s wise to rush Kappa Sigma because you will find a brotherhood like no other. Not only does this make your college experience amazing, but it opens up connections for you me future career. Brother will always help their brothers!

Max Margiotta.jpg


Joining a 'brotherhood' was something I rarely considered in high school. Then I met the brothers from Kappa Sigma, and I discovered that I fit in with these kids really well to say the least. I eventually ended up joining the organization, and now being a part of it I understand the deeper meaning to it.

Luke Spivey.jpg

LUKE spivey

Rushing Kappa Sigma is like joining a family. Being a part of a brotherhood can change your life. It can open a number of doors for you both professionally, and socially. Members of our fraternity learn about leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service. It is a rewarding decision to make, and I recommend it to all.

Doug Gordon.jpg

Doug Gordon

I chose Kappa Sigma simply because they offered something that wasn't available  anywhere else on campus. They are a great group of guys that are always down to hang out. Being a founding father, we were able to build according to our vision.

Anthony Santoro.jpg

Anthony Santoro

The brotherhood that you get out of Kappa Sigma is amazing. There is nothing like it anywhere else, the connections that we make are ones that I hold dear to my heart. Its an experience everyone should try out.

Conor Hackett.jpg

Conor Hackett

This fraternity has a great sense of community. You are given constant praise and recognition from your brothers, and that is something you can not find anywhere else. I have learned so much in my first year here, and these lessons learned will stick with me for a lifetime.

Michael Morra.jpg

Michael Morra

Rushing Kappa Sigma is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Meeting the guys and building an unbreakable bond is something that I am going to  cherish for the rest of my life.